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Work and Rest Hours System

Work and Rest Hour rules in WRH was certified by the Nippon Kaiji Kyoka classification society (NK class) in 2016 to be in compliance with MLC 2006, STCW 2010 Manila amendments and National Japanese regulations.

The Spectral Work and Rest Hour application (WRH) is used on board ships to monitor crews’ compliance with STCW, and MLC rest hour regimes and produces reports in accordance with the STCW standard that can be presented to Port State Control.

WRH is adapted to the National rest hour regulations of Germany, Japan and Canada. It can further be set to monitor rest hour compliance with United States OPA 90.

WRH is easy to set up and Crews work hours are added by either the crews themselves or by their supervisors in a user-friendly graphical environment. WRH will promptly and in real time warn users if a non-conformance is occurring.

WRH has a section used to plan crews' future work and rest hours used mainly to schedule work hours during port calls. WRH has functions to maintain vessels voyage and time adjustments due to change of time zones.

WRH can work by itself or be set up to export crews’ work and rest hour records to the office based WRH-SM. WRH can also be integrated with the spectral Ship Administrative System (SAS) that among others task is used to administer crews’ on board pay system.

Individual Work Hours

Crews work hours are easy to view and add in this screen. Left section lists all crew, center section lists work hours and lower section is used to add and edit work hours.


Ships voyage and vessels time adjustments are maintained.


WRH has a set of built in reports that are easy to produce. Reports can be converted to rtf, pdf or excel files.

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