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SAS/WRH Shore Manager

WRH-SM will greatly assist the Fleet Safety department to monitor compliance with STCW and IMO rest hour regimes as well as provide useful statistics to monitor work load on board the ships.

SM is the office based companion of WRH and SAS.It can be set up to be to communicate with either WRH or SAS programs or with both in case both of these are being used on board.

The section in SM used for WRH imports crews work and rest hour automatically from all ships using WRH, these are outputted from WRH as small and compressed text files and sent attached to emails. The complete export of crew, work hour records from WRH makes it possible to recreate ships exact work and rest hour records including safety related work and eventual non-conformances for the crews in covered ships.

The section in SM used for SAS automatically imports Onboard Wage accounts from SAS sent as email attachments. Wage and Master Cash reports produced by SAS can therefore be reproduced in SAS Manager. Account records in SAS-SM can be exported to General Ledger Applications.Crews Wages scales are set up in SM and exported to the SAS applications.

SM is also used to send WRH configuration files as email attachments when WRH is set up in new ships thereby ensuring that all key configurations of WRH programs are uniform across fleets.SM includes a substantial set of reports concerning Crew work and rest hour including a set of graphs presenting statistics over work hours, and non-conformances.

Vessel Summary

All vessels in the fleet are displayed and key data concerning crews work and rest hours are easily monitored.

Daily Work Hours

An overview of all crews work hour in one ship and for a selected period is available.

Graphical Report Sample 2

Graphical report preview.

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