Spectral Technologies Inc.


All our applications are integrated but they can also work without any connection to the other programs in our portfolio.

The applications are using a similar menu system and same basic approach to their "look". The applications installed on board share common data and same applies for the applications used ashore.

Communications between office base and shore based application is done through email with data attachments of minimal size, emails can be generated automatically to send frequently reoccurring data files and imports of data attached to emails are always automatic.

Administrative data types like Wage scales, ranks, certificate types and many more are shared between MPS and the WRH/SM programs. The same Administrative data are exported from either MPS or SM to vessel using WRH or SAS.

Crew records are exported from MPS to SAS and WRH.

WRH and SAS, both being used on board ships, shares common data like voyage and crew records. Overtime recorded in WRH is updating the wage account system in SAS automatically.

Records of Wage Accounts, Crew Advances and Work and Rest hours are exported from SAS and WRH electronically to the SM program. Records of appraisals are exported from SAS to MPS.

Manila Skyline in front of the part of Manila called Malate where the office of Spectral Technologies is located