Spectral Technologies Inc.

Customer Relations and

Our systems are designed with the philosophy to minimize work required for program updates, backups and other required maintenance.

We actively work to maintain long-term relations with our customers based on understanding of their way to operate. We provide our applications to Customers with options of long term service agreements.

We at Spectral realize that each company has its own unique management system and the ways it manages its internal processes for recruitment, documentation, planning and pay of its seafarers is unique. Our software systems have therefore substantial built in capabilities to configure them and personalize them but it's always possible that a company may still need the software to support a process that would require additional features of reports.

We offer to customize the MPS and SAS applications to the exact requirements of our clients. All our applications are integrated but they can also work without any connection to the other programs in our portfolio.

The applications are using a similar menu system and same basic approach to their "look".

WRH is normally not customized but we add features based on suggestions from clients in case it's concluded it will also benefit our other clients using WRH.

Singapore is a bustling financial centre and home to many small and large shipping companies