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Maritime Personnel System

MPS5 is a large and robust Crew Management application with an intuitive user interface. MPS5 is provided in three versions, Basic, Premium and Enterprise.

MPS5 is a robust Crew Management application with an intuitive user interface. All user sections are designed to have a consistent behavior making user familiarization easy. Sophisticated application settings allow administrators to limit or maximize both the data records and the program functions individual users can access. The application data can be hosted in a "cloud" or in a LAN.

MPS5 is provided in scale up versions. An allotment pay system, onboard pay system or both can be added. The "scale up" system makes MPS5 suitable both for the small company as well as for large companies with crew recruitment from several different countries.

The application key features are:

  • Large number of built in Reports.
  • Query builder for user defined reports.
  • KPI reports as per BIMCO and Intertanko standard.
  • Integrated Crew Planning, Travel and Departure check list screens.
  • Advanced and user defined crew qualification search and monitoring system that automatically monitors crews expiring documents.
  • Can automatically generate and send reports by email.
  • It includes Audit Trail of user activities.
  • Users can customise their MPS program interface.
  • Administrators can customize what users can see and do.
  • Integrated pay system for both allotments and on board pay.
  • Document Management System.
  • Separate Archive database for crew records of crew who left the company.

Main Crewlist

Default view of MPS and from here every part of the program can be reached with one or two clicks. The list can be sorted, grouped and filtered. Crews with upcoming expiry of key documents are marked for easy identification and all other parts of the system is reached directly from this view.

Sign On Form

The activity section is used to sign on, off, promote and set crews' ashore activities. Groups of seafarers can be signed on or off with just one click and a "drag and drop" feature makes selection of multiple records very fast and easy.


Validity of all documents required by Seafarers to join a vessel that they are planned for are monitored in this section. The grouping follow same as in the planning section.


A significant number of statistical and graph based reports are available including setting to filter the data to be outputted.

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