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ERB Cloud & ERB-Shore Manager

View, download and print ships log book extracts from a secure Cloud data base or obtain ERB-SM to import ships log book data directly into an office based application where all log books used on board can be viewed and printed.

ERB Cloud

Having rapid access to ships’ log books may be critical in case of unexpected events. ERB Cloud and ERB-SM provides instant access to log book data maintained on board. ERB Cloud will therefore greatly assist Fleet managers who need to have access to ship’s log books whenever required.

Ship’s log book data are automatically exported from ERB on board ships as encrypted email attachments and imported into ERB Cloud. ERB cloud is hosted by a major cloud providing service with strict security to prevent unauthorised access.

ERB-Shore Manager

ERB-SM is installed in an office network and import its data from the ERB cloud. It has a similar look as ERB on board ships and include all log book screens and all log book reports available in ERB.

ERB-SM has more features than ERB Cloud and provides users with a complete set of log book view screens and reports. Both ERB Cloud and ERB SM can re produce all log book reports available in ERB and these can be saved as external files.

ERB Cloud Interface

The ERB cloud interface lists all vessels using ERB for these log books and the ERB license status for these vessels. Log book reports can easily be reproduced with just a few clicks. Filtering is available to limit the data range covered in the reports. All reports can be saved in popular file formats like pdf.

ERB-SM Interface

ERB-SM has a very similar look and feeling as ERB ship and lists all ships using ERB in its default screen. From here user can easily jump to any ship and then to any log book type used on that ship. All reports can be saved in popular file formats like pdf.

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