Spectral Technologies Inc.

Electronic Record Book

A user friendly application used on board ships to maintain several different types of ships log books including the Oil Record books.

ERB is designed to maintain several types of ships’ log books and can be used in parallel with traditional paper books or replace these paper books entirely. It has well identified sections for each type of log book.

All log entries can be printed and saved as external files. Filter criteria further allows user to tailor the contents of the log extracts.

ERB exports all log records automatically to the ERB cloud website. From ERB cloud, users at the company office can reproduce all ERB log book reports that also exists in ERB.

ERB is fully integrated with Spectral’s other applications for ship board usage, such as Work and Rest Hours, (WRH) and Ship Administrative System (SAS).

ERB licensing is subject to Flag state regulations and varies depending on which flag the vessel has. Spectral is seeking flag state approval for ERB from major flag states when required.

ERB is approved by the PANAMA MARITIME AUTHORITY for usage onboard ships carrying Panama flag and can replace all mandatory paper log books issued by the authority.

Republic of The Marshall Islands Maritime Administrator has approved the Oil Records book part I and II of ERB for usage on board ships carrying the flag of the Marshall Islands.

The Commonwealth of Dominica Maritime Administration has approved ERB for usage on board Dominica flagged vessels.

ORB Part I Interface

The Oil Record books in ERB includes Part I, II and III. Date entries are synchronized with the Deck Log book. Entry templates can be generated for frequent entries with same purpose to simplify data entry. Name of officers who saved and officer who verified entry is recorded.

Garbage Book Window and Report

Each Type of Log book comes with a report designed in accordance with Industrial standards when applicable. All reports can be exported to several file formats including rtf and pdf.

Deck Log Book Interface

The deck and engine log books can be customized to comply with individual company standard.

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